Commission system of Easy Dating

Easy Dating also offers the opportunity to earn money in our “so called” Affiliate Program.

Earn real money

Every registered user who recommends our Easy Dating service gets 10% of referrals’ payment (the user registered under him).

Money not only for webmasters!

Our commission system gives the opportunity to website owners to earn money. They can just place our link or banner on their website to get more users. These reference links and banners can be found after logging into the account. It is easy to get the commission by publishing our link on social networks or by recommending our service to friends, for example by e-mail.

Main advantages of commission system

After connection in the commission system you don’t need any special registration. Just the normal registration is sufficient. That gives the possibility to all satisfied customers to recommend Easy Dating to others. However, if you don’t wish to use the services of our agency, set the type of account as "affiliate only"
The information is stored in the user’s browser by visiting our reference link. If the user registers on within 7 next days, he or she will be put under you. If he or she uses our dating services afterwards, you get a 10% commission of his payment.

Payment of commissionOverview of salaries and commissions